Engagement with a Capital E: A Recap

Thoughtful, real life & honest would be the best words to describe the May 17th presentation by Reem Nouh at the AMA event, Engagement with a Capital E. Her experience at Adam’s & Knight gave very clear insight how business today needs to evaluate and invest in Employee Engagement as much as they do in technology and marketing.

The three case studies that Reem walked us through showing the before and after impact of changing the relationship between employee and employer were eye opening to say the least. Each business had different objectives, but needed to see the challenge from the inside out. It illustrated how every business needs to factor the bond with their employees as a significant way to improve the overall business.

Thank you to Reem, Adams & Knight and the AMA for bringing such relevant content to the more than 50 professionals in attendance.

– Todd Kalagher – SVP Sales & Customer Experience, Allied Printing Services Inc.

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