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Randye Spina

Communications Chair

Randye is a marketing and communications professional with demonstrated success in database, direct, and digital marketing across industries diverse from aviation to yoga. After years in Financial Services and Travel, she founded, then led, a small business marketing agency for 13 years where she worked with 100s of small business nationwide. She’s a versatile innovator, out-of-the-box thinker, creative marketer, and problem solver.

As Vice President Marketing and New Product Development, she helped grow a start up from $15MM in revenues to $125MM in three years where she created, built, and scaled multi-million membership programs in the Financial Services, Travel, Pet, and Real Estate markets. There, she also launched the company’s first efforts in the B2C marketplace.

She has led the development of many first-ever initiatives, including the first-ever Small Business Services category in the local yellow pages, the first-ever Star Trek co-branded credit card, and the first Disney-branded credit card. She’s been nominated for an Echo Award for the successful creation and launch of an employee credit card program; and has launched professional development programs and created new marketing, case study, and communication courses in Higher Education.

A natural-born conductor, she’s at her best when tapping in to her creative spirit to lead and inspire teams for the greater good.

She’s an author, award-winning adjunct professor, yoga junkie, and a lover of all things creative.