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Russ Benblatt

Immediate Past President

With more than 2 decades of marketing experience, Russ is passionate about helping brands of all sizes simplify their marketing and getting them to the root “why” behind their consumer’s behavior.  His early career was spent in the broadcast industry with Clear Channel Communications and regional ad agencies in both NY and Atlanta.

But his love for consumer focused and experiential marketing brought him to Whole Foods Market, where he helped build and shape the modern marketing organization and lead the company into their first ecommerce venture.

Recently, he’s led rebranding efforts and digital transformations at global brands like Crabtree & Evelyn and Edible Arrangements, as well as consulting with companies across North America and the Middle East.

Russ is a firm believer that everything a company does (both internally & externally), everything a consumer sees, and every way that a current or potential customer interacts with a brand should be influencing and shaping their marketing and UX/CX efforts.  “Understanding that consumer behavior is part science and part artistry”, says Russ, “is the key to developing truly engaging and deeply impactful customer experiences.”

Russ has been an active member of the American Marketing Association in Atlanta & Miami and is now the President of the AMA in Connecticut.  Russ holds degrees in both Communications and Philosophy, and has probably heard every “you have a degree in philosophy?” joke you can think of…but he’s always willing to listen if you think you have a new one.  Russ has also been known to give a copy of “Ogilvy on Advertising” to everyone who works for him, and can’t understand why it’s not required reading in any marketing degree program.