Mentor Requirements & Application

Requirements for Mentors

  1. You must be an AMA Connecticut member for the course of the matched period. Not a member? Join today!
  2. Commit to participating in the Mentor/Mentee relationship for the full 6-month period.
  3. Commit to meeting with your Mentee in-person at least once within the first month of being matched to them.
  4. Commit to meeting with them in–person, via video chat or phone at least once a month for all other months.
  5. Be able and willing to keep any and all communications within your Mentor/Mentee relationship confidential.
  6. You should not actively look to hire or enter into a work relationship with a Mentee while you are formally connected in this program (for the 6-month period).
  7. Complete the Mentor Interest Form
  8. Be willing to proactively reach out to the designated member of the mentoring committee if any problems arise in your Mentor/Mentee relationship.
  9. You must be employed in a marketing discipline; including marketing, PR, advertising, marketing research, digital marketing, direct mail, etc.
  10. Be willing to complete an evaluation of the program at the end of the formal 6-month period.

Mentor Application