Ready to Meet Your Match?

The AMA CT’s Mentoring Program is an amazing career opportunity for both Mentors & Mentees

Mentors in the program…

have the chance to give new meaning & purpose to their careers, connect with a new network of future leaders and marketing innovators, and gain fresh, new perspectives on challenging industry issues and emerging trends affecting future generations of consumers.

Mentees in the program…

get to learn from a marketing professional with years of experience, identify areas for personal growth and improvement of business skills, and create a professional road map to achieve future goals, and differentiate your value as a marketer.

Why Join a Mentoring Program?.

I asked myself this question, and the answer was clear! As someone who transitioned into marketing from a career in informal education two years ago, it’s important to me to continuously seek opportunities for education and growth. I joined the pilot of the AMA CT Mentoring Program in order to meet other professionals in my field, seek new perspectives, and learn from the experience of others.

The AMA CT program has guidelines for the mentor/mentee relationship that leave room to craft a partnership that makes sense for each person’s goals. I was matched with Judith Workman, a media buyer out of West Hartford with 40 years of experience in the field. We decided to create a project that would teach me about media buying applications in my own job, and the results have been nothing less than empowering. Judith has been incredibly generous with her time and expertise- she is a true mentor and a coach who is rooting for me to succeed.

Meeting with a mentor helps to cut through the barrage of information that constantly hits my inbox and receive guidance that is targeted specifically to my work. I’ve already begun to apply my new knowledge to the media buying process and am excited to move forward with confidence.